Complete Home Shifting Process in Bangalore

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Best shifting tips for Bangalore by Top 12 Packers and Movers Bangalore moving company referral portal.

Hey! That's excellent you have finalized your new home in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka which is known as one of the most challenging tasks that's why you must do complete verification regarding your new community at the right time, so that you can be free from any future problems and crime after relocating in your new abode.
We agree that you must be excited enough to move in your new Home, where you can restart a new phase of your life happily with your dear ones, but wait moving with your entire household is not an easy task, as you will have to deal with lots of hectic and time-consuming tasks to complete your relocation successfully.
We agree that you must be so eager to relocate in your desired community as you will have new opportunities, new neighbours, and friends, which will make your life full of enjoyment. But at the same time, you must be worried about how you can complete your Move without any interruption and last moment hurry, which can end up with your damaged possessions.
That's why it's essential to be prepared with well-planned plans which will help you to deal with the complicated tasks smartly from beginning to the endpoint.
Don't worry; we at Top 12 Packers and Movers Bangalore have explained a detailed plan below to show you the complete relocation guide which will help you to make your shifting process more comfortable, within your expected time and budget in Bangalore.

2 Month Before:
• Prepare a moving checklist and start working according to it.
• Visit your New Community.
• Discuss your Move with your Kids earlier.
• Research Schools and entertainment places to encourage your small ones.
• Install new switch plates and other devices.

1 Month Before:
• Sort, purge, and donate all your unwanted items to an NGO.
• Get estimates from more than 3 professional Packers and Movers.
• Compare the charges like of movers and packers Bangalore charges and hire genuine and suitable Moving Company.
• Discuss all your relocation needs with your Movers clearly.
• Read all the documents carefully given by your movers before signing them.
• Collect free packing supplies from nearby local shops to save your extra expense.
• Update your new address at all the important firms.
• Check all your furniture's, and electronics appliances need to be repaired, then do it immediately;
• Purchase Insurance for safety of your possessions during relocation.


1 Week Before:
• Clean your old Home thoroughly.
• Inform your service providers for disconnection of all the utilities.
• Pack an overnight bag or toiletry bag of all your essentials and keep it aside.
• Take clear picture of all your electronics before packing them, so that you can reinstall them easily at your new home.
• Clean Air conditioner condensers, fridge, etc.
• Have safe plan your kids and pets.
• Pack all your essential documents separately.
• If you're shifting for a long distance, you must plan your route and book hotels to relax in the mid of transit.

When Movers Arrive:
• Help them to disassemble all your heavy items.
• Provide them a safe area to pack all your belongings safely.
• Instruct your Packers and Movers Bangalore that you find on online packing and moving company referral websites such as top 12 packers and movers Bangalore,Pune, Hyderabad etc to label all your packed containers clearly before loading them in the truck.
• Check the vehicle they have brought to relocate your goods are entirely safe.
• Meet your neighbors and nearby relatives.

On the Big Moving day:
• Have enough sleep to remain fresh on the big day.
• Take a balanced diet to stay energetic during transit.
• Have your overnight bag and all your documents handy, so that they don't misplace at the last moment.
• Have some medicines with you, so that you will not have to face any allergies due to traveling.
• All the doors and windows should be closed before you move out of the house.
• Handover the key to your landlord before moving.

After Moving in your new Home:
• Check all your items if you found any of them misplaced or damaged; you can quickly claim for refund against your Relocation service provider to be safe from any loss.
• Serve some snacks and drinks to your Movers during to thanks them for providing safe and hassle-free relocation time.
• Unpack and rearrange all your essentials at first.
• Reassemble all your furniture's at your new home.
• Check any of the locks of the doors and windows of your new home.
• Install security system (if not available) for complete protection of your beloved ones.
• Arrange a welcome party at your new home and invite your neighbors and old friends to have a fun time after moving in your new abode.
• Write a review for your moving company, how they have completed your shifting requirements.

We hope the guide mentioned above will help you to start and finish your relocation needs efficiently without any mistakes and last-minute hurry, and you will have stress-free shifting time as per your expectation.

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