Perspective is an attitude or an approach towards how one sees

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What is perspective?

A perspective is an attitude or an approach towards how one sees or thinks. It is also about an individual's ability to look at things which are also called a point of view. Naturally, when someone looks at something, they perceive it based on their experience, beliefs, morals, values, and so on. It is an interesting study to put something on the table and let people get a perspective out of it.

There was an old chef. He made good tasty food. Everyone in the town loved the man’s food. He has 3 sons. All of them got their culinary skills from their father. Since it was a family run business whatever they cooked was that of their father’s recipe and taste. Everything was good as the town people liked their food so much.

But the son’s did not know anything outside of the Oldman’s recipe. Just like any experienced businessman does, the Oldman decided to send his sons off to work outside the town and come back after 5 years. Five years were up and they all came back.

Now when they wanted to cook their father’s basic recipe, they have three different ways of cooking them now. They didn’t know what the original recipe was. The Oldman asked them to cook the recipe in their own way and present it to him. They cooked and presented it to the old man. He tasted them all and they all tasted good but it wasn’t the original recipe at all. Devops Online Training

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