The coach, along with the representatives of the client groups, plan the coaching activities.

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The coach along with the representatives of the client groups, plan the coaching activities

In this stage, the coach, along with the representatives of the client groups, plan the coaching activities. The coach meets with the individual team members and encourages them to share as much information as they can. Team members will be able to provide more details when they come for a one-on-one meeting with the coach. The team wouldn't share information around the presence of their leader, and it is necessary to engage them alone.

For teams that have sub-teams, representatives from each team will get included for planning activities.

Tentative Contracting

The Coach and the client groups work together to come up with a tentative contract after planning for the activities. The tentative agreement is to understand and commit to the conditions of the relationship. The agreement has to be in writing for all the parties to read and understand. The primary purpose of the contract is to build the relationship through agreed working agreements. Devops Online Training

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